Review : NAKED 3 Palette

I love trying different eye shadows , and especially I love palettes , I find it extremely comfortable .

So when NAKED palettes came out , I fell in love. I haven’t had a chance to get Naked 2 , so I have first one and recently I got NAKED 3 . I decided to make a review on Naked 3 palette , because I saw a lot of people on my Instagram asking me about which eyeshadows do I daily use especially for my day time make-up.

When I got first palette from Naked , I totally fell in love because most of the colors are peachy and brownish , and most of the times I love doing bronzish make up looks , it’s perfect for day and night time .

NAKED 3 is all about pinkish colors  and very refreshing , its much improved from the first palette regarding the brush that’s inside and the packaging itself.

I’d definitely suggest giving it a try , you can mix up from natural soft look to adding some dark colors , and all from one palette.

Picture was taken infront of a lot light , in real they r much softer and refreshing .

Here are the two looks that I created using the palette , I love doing more natural looks , but as I mentioned you can always mix it up with some dark colors to the edges .


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BHS of WKND Magazine photoshoot & Make-up Look.

Right before I traveled to my vacation , I had a great pleasure of shooting with Khaleej Times Magazine called WKND.
The main shoot was all about my closet . So I want to share with you some pictures behind the scenes and Make-up Look I chose for it.

I went for Bold lips and peachy eyes , because usually in the magazines shoots your eyes make-up won’t show much , and as well since I’m a huge fan of bright lipsticks , I thought this make-up would be perfect!

One of my favorite parts of the shoot , is that they have asked me to choose my favorite gowns so they can shoot it. I choose my most favorite jalabiyas from my label EL-J and some gowns that I have worn on  special occasions .

Final interview came out yesterday  ! And I totally loved it ! <3 you can grab at any stores near to you ( In Dubai only ) , and check out the rest treasures of my closet.

For all my followers that aren’t in Dubai , you can as well read the interview online !
Here’s the link :

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Face Products of the month!

I always love to update you about gorgeous products that I find , especially for face care or make-up . For March , I have my special favorites that I wanna show you.

To start off , I’ll always say that I think this is my one of the favorites products that I have been using for a really long time . Benefit PORE fessional has been in my make-up kit since a very very long time , it hides pore and gives skin a flawless look , I use it a lot because my skin is oily so it helps to reduce the shine effect a lot .

But I’ve got better news , just very recent Benefit launched another amazing products. Benefit Agent Zero Shine , it is the same idea of a product that is mentioned above , but only it comes in a powder and preferably you can use it after the foundation , it is extremely useful for people that has oily skin like me !!

Moving to foundations , my foundation of the month is Bourjois Flower Perfection . I never really tried Bourjois skin products before , so this time I gave it a try. And I loved it !! It has an amazing mixture nd lays on skin perfectly. Nd another cool thing about it,  with a foundation there comes a sponge right together with  a bottle.


Stay tuned later on this month , sharing with you my body products of the Month <3

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Celebrities Worst Make-up Nahs!

Not all celebrities are perfect , and not all make-up artists as well.
Big Big OH NO! was happening on red carpets , so let me show you some of the worst make-up that could have happened to celebs !


Let’s begin!

Gossip Girl’s superstar Taylor Momsen didn’t want to pay her make-up artist much or was extremely mean ! SO he showed his anger on her face , LITERALLY!


Another Gossip Girl’s star Leighton has scared me enough. Is it Halloween Already??  And right next to her Tyra Banks , honestly if I would have make-up like that i wouldn’t even bother talking.


I guess Eva Langoria forgot to use her blending brush. Too bad.

Strong voice , but worst make-up artists . Dear Christina Aguilera is on top of my list today!!!


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New Solution for your Hair Loss!!!

All of us always have a common problem of fighting a hair loss , since we live in a country where water and heat affects the structure of our hair and gets it damaged.Well, recently I have found a new product from one of my favorite’s Hair products KERASTASE .

This product called Aminexil Force some of the ingredients of this product are Rhamnose,Aminexil , Gluco- Lipid GL ,  Madecassoside  all of these ingredients are putted together makes it a perfect product to try if you have problems fighting a hair loss.

It is suitable both for men/women. Soon , I’m going to start using it and I’ll keep updating you about the progress.

It is available in most of drugstores.


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That would probably be my favorite post about make-up tips ! I have an addiction for perfect brows , and I get questioned a lot about my shape and how do i do it.
So I finally decided to put it all together , and tell you guys how do I do my eyebrows.

Here you go :
I do my brows after I put foundation and before powder .  I use Too Faced brow palette or smashbox , but at the moment I use too faced more because it is a whole set with a highlighter , so it is much easier.

I start off with a highlighter , and do it right under my eye , it really pops out the whole look and the brows of course .

Once I’m done with highlighting under my eye brows , I get right to the point . Starting off with the beginning of the eyebrow , I create a squared shape Then I carefully create a little curved line and right to the end.


Here’s a little sneak how it looks on a half way !

After that I repeat the same process on the other eyebrow.

An Important Notice about doing eyebrows in this way , please be careful with choosing a right brush for it ! This type of brush is the easiest , it helps a lot to create a right shape. You can find in SEPHORA.

So Here’s the result ! Hope you liked my short tutorial ! <3 keep reading for more .

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Oscars 2014 Hair & Make-up Looks

Oscars 2014 best hair makeup

Let’s talk about Oscars 2014! Neutral make-up was the key on the red carpet on Oscars night . Celebrities like Cate Blanshett , Jeniffer Lawrence and Lupita Nyongo has been keeping it simple and elegant , nothing over the top , mixing peach colors and nude lipsticks with their neutral accessories and hair styles.  This had a look of classy red carpet looks , paying  more attention to their gowns .

While neutral colors were the key , some celebrities went off the trend and added some spices into their look , like Angelina Jolie came in with smoky eyes and looked absolutely stunning , as well Kerry Washington  with her beautiful pregnancy and decided to look edgy with her dark lipstick choice.


Stay tuned for more posts very soon <3

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