Grand Launch of LEVEL 43 and WHAT I wore!

Finally , I can fully reveal great news that I became a Brand Ambassador for an amazing Rooftop Lounge called Level 43 .
Maybe one of the first reasons why I agreed to become an Ambassador is that after I saw this stunning view and chilled atmosphere , where you definitely would want to relax after tiring week at work , or on Saturday night after a wild Friday.

The evening was filled with VIP Guests and intimate atmosphere , yet extremely fun and interesting . One of the other Ambassadors was spinning on the DJ table , and Fashion Blogger Ushi Sato was entertaining me whole night. But nothing entertained me more than their great canapes and glamorous drinks ( I just LOVE food :D )

So yesterday , was an amazing official opening of the place , and it was amazing !! As I’ve been having crazy busy days , this was a definitely a good laugh-atmosphere night.

As well , I got so many compliments about what I was wearing , so I decided to share with you my secret and where I got my dress.


This is a clearer shot of a dress that I was wearing yesterday , I paired it up with Nicholas Kirkwood black heels , and added a spice of Roberto Cavalli ear cuff.


SO the secret spot where I got my dress is ….. . I find this website extremely awesome , and how much I don’t like online shopping , this is the one that I rate as 5 star luxury online shopping. I shopped there few times , and service is extremely helpful and fast , prices are PERFECT! And you can find so much stuff just by sitting on the sofa , instead of running thru store to store.

INFORMATION OF LEVEL 43 :  Four Points by Sheraton on Sheikh Zayed Road .
Instagram : @level43lounge
Facebook :

Instagram : @namshidotcom
Facebook :
Twitter : @Namshidotcom

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Fall/Winter 2014-15 Make-Up Trends.

collage 2

Fall is right here! I wanted to update my beauties with the latest make-up Trends that you can you use from day time to a night-out. This time to surprise my readers , I decided to do more showing than writing. Hope you will enjoy the collages that I had put together for you guys to be updated for all Make-up Secrets&Trends. Try it out and stay in trend!

collage 1 (1)


имени 3



Keep reading& Soon more to come <3

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Product of the week! GlamGlow Mask : Revolution of Face Mask!!!

So much Boom has been going on around Hollywood , California masks!! Celebrities from Miley Cirus to Nazanin Mandi has been spotted using these masks.
I decided to try it out and tell you all about it ! 

I’ve got myself a white box due to I have oily T-zones so it was suggested that I try this . Black box thou is for people that have dry skin , and want to moisturize it deeply.

Let’s start from packaging : It’s extremely fancy and that’s what attracts even more. 

These masks are made of mostly natural & organic things . The texture isn’t that pleasing , but it doesn’t hurt at all once you put it on the face . It doesn’t burn like organic masks or itch. 

I’ve put it for around 20 minutes , and washed it out carefully with warm water! Honestly , the effect was AMAZING!  I’ve never felt that my face is so soft and moisturized.  I suggest using it at least once a week , if you put make up everyday especially if it’s too heavy.

You can purchase it in Bloomingdale’s , price is 350 dhr/ 100 $. 

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Hair Extensions : Go for it or drop it?

One of the subjects that I have been wanting to talk about for quite a long time.
These days you would notice all that volume that one beautiful girl has and you would get sad cause you want it too , so how more easy it can get than going to saloon and doing hair extensions?
So many celebrities has been going for it for a long time , starting from Lily Ghalichi to Blachyna ( Tyga’s wife ) .


I wanted to personally share with you my advice and review if you should be worried about it or just quietly enter saloon and get that volume on your head . I have hair extensions for almost a year now , I have it for 2 reasons : 1. I LOVE Volume . 2. I colored my hair so much , so by adding extensions it doesn’t look that dead.

Definitely all of us want that great volume , and shiny silky hair , but keep in mind what hair extensions you go for , I use extensions with stickers , they don’t manage your hair as much as clippings or the stitching ones . Keep in mind  , good quality extensions wouldn’t be cheap , it reaches to 700-1000 dirhams , depends on how many packs you use and of course the lengths. 

As well remember once you have extensions , you can’t really take care of your hair as you can put masks and hair care products as it ruins the extensions , so if your hair is not in a happy place , I suggest that you do take care of them and then think about volume.

Over all , not to confuse you much , do consider your hair condition and your pocket condition if you will be able to afford all corrections and e.t.c , on the other side extensions is easy to deal with and definitely adds a beauty to your head , as well you can play with colors without damaging your own hair , I have an ombre and I reached to it by just adding the most blonde color extensions without bleaching my own hair over and over.


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IN LOVE : LUSH products!

Hello beautiful !

I have been wanting to share about my current obsession for quite long ! LUSH cosmetics are pure handmade products , I’m writing about them generally because I love most of their products! The fact that it is 100 % organic and handmade makes it even more amazing. 
If you think they r not effective just because there is no chemicals inside of it , then you are wrong ! It is like making DIY at home , or like putting cucumbers on your eyes . 

My favorite products from LUSH is their hair masks , lip scrubs and different cute soaps for bath , everytime they create different cute things , with glitter , fruits and e.t.c

Definitely a one cosmetics for a MUST TRY!

Find them in Dubai Mall next Mark&Spencer or internationally on


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Friday night-out Ready!!

So recently I’ve posted a picture on Instagram and after that I got a lot of requests about details of my make-up , so I decided to re-create it and share with you products of what do I use.
I find this look extremely chich and boho , and pretty easy to do , just make sure dark lipstick suits you so you don’t end up looking like a vampire or Lorde.


The products that I’ve used for this make-up look : NAKED 1 Palette , Brow Envy by Too Faced , Push-up Eyeliner by Benefit , and Huda Beauty Eyelashes in Giselle , YSL Baby Doll lip gloss.


So at first you do all know that most important thing before all is applying your daily moisturizer ,foundation and powder.
I applied the lightest shadow from NKD palette to create a soft look on my eye and then an eyeliner. If you don’t want to go to heavy , you can easily just do it with no eyeliner but don’t forget to put an eyelashes , it changes the whole look right away.

As well recently I’ve started using Brow Envy by Too Faced and I’m seriously loving it , but I’ll be doing a review on it really soon. 

As for the lip gloss , I’ve been getting addicted to these YSL Baby Doll lip glosses from SS collection . It gives a great matte look , amazing texture but keep in mind after any meal , don’t forget to check the mirror to do some fixing , as it is not long-lasting.

Don’t be afraid of going a bit dark , just keep it simple with your outfit and nothing too flashy . 
I find this look very easy to do and it looks amazing if you do it right :) Stay tuned for new looks.


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‘Fashion Scoop’ once a week!

Hello everyone ,

After a long vacation in Europe , I’m finally getting back to work tomorrow , so I wanted to share with you exciting project that I decided to add to the blog which is “Fashion Scoop” , because apart from beauty things , I get asked a lot about my style and clothes I wear and e.t.c , especially on my Instagram. So I decided to add a category about ‘Fashion’ , and write a post about all things fashion&style on the blog , as well I’ll be sharing my outfit pictures and some tips on styling and more .

Hope you will enjoy it , while that watch out for this week for my new posts , I’ll be doing some serious reviews on brands like LUSH , Ponds and more.



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