Review : DOVE Body Lotions.

Hello pretty ones.

I have been craving to finally share with you these amazing body lotions that I have been using lately. I’m a body lotion addict , that is for sure ! I’ve tried many different lotions and oils , but these ones left one of the best effect on me.

First of all , I like that they are pretty big in size and pricing is amazing.
There are a big choice of different smells that you can choose , personally my fav ones are shea butter with vanilla and almond with hibiscus.
Texture of lotions is perfect, it’s not sticky and the smell actually stays quiet long if you use it right after the shower.

You can definitely rely on this lotion , after one tiring day or after tanning session , it gives the skin that care that inquiries , and plus a super glamorous glow.
All in all , these lotions are totally my summer favorites.


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On the feet adventure with N-Bar!

On Monday morning before even having my coffee , I was rushed to get ready for my appointment with one of the first nail stations in Dubai – N-BAR  in Emirates Towers branch.

Reaching there , I was warmly welcomed and sat on of these comfortable white sofa-chairs.  My treatment was ” Soothe and Smooth Treatment ” for my feet that really needed this treatment :D . While I was starting to get pampered , I was starting my morning with glass of water and tea that was brought by gorgeous host .

Treatment of “Soothe and Smooth” is almost like scrub and massage all together , it’s perfect for ladies that wear heels too much and just for the one that walk a lot , as it removes dark spots and moisturizers your skin!

I was so relaxed with procedure and atmosphere that I almost fell asleep , when I was just about to be done ! N-Bar offers a lot of different procedures like nail extensions , gelish polish , massage & wax . With their various branches in main spots , it’s too hard to pass by it ! :D

I suggest all my ladies to try on their different procedures , ladies there are extremely friendly and talkative .
Here’s the number of the Emirates Towers Branch : +9714 330 1001
Grosvenor House Branch : +9714 399 9009

And happy ME after all amazing Pampering <3

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The RIGHT way to TAN !

Hello beauties , summer is here! And what else to do in this season than getting a gorgeous bronze tan on? 
But there are always specific precautions that ladies must take , especially in Dubai with the sun that is an exact synonym to microwave !


First I’ll tell you about how to get a perfect straight tan on from the front and back without going to tanning centre. Turn every 20 minutes ! Yes , lay on your back and then turn to your stomach , do that every 20-25 minutes , and I promise you , at the end you won’t look like a Zebra !

Perfect timing to tan is from 9 a.m to 12 p.m , yes unfortunately ! So get on your early bird mood on , if you wanna have a safe tanning session , after 12 p.m sun is extremely dangerous , and your chances to get burnt is much higher!!

You tan faster in the water , yes you do ! So you can have a double pleasure by swimming and getting your tan on, rather than sitting and being bored on one place!

Moisturize your skin after the tan , this is one of the biggest MUSTS if you wanna have a soft and smooth skin and perfect tan ! Your skin gets extremely tired after the sun light , so by moisturizing it you are giving it a break ! ( I personally use Sephora After sun Moisturizer and its AMAAAZING ) 



DON’T SUNBATH YOUR FACE ! This might be one of the most important rules , because your face is 10 times softer than your body skin , so you might make your skin get older in case you are gonna sun bath it , don’t worry about having problems of contrast with your face and body , that is why god created FOUNDATION and SHIMMER !


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5 Beauty Mistakes that we all do!

Let’s admit it , we all do daily mistakes and we don’t even know that it isn’t right ! I summed up some of the most common mistakes that we do , so find out what it is and don’t repeat it again <3


Mistake 1 : Applying Foundation before Moisturizer  is dry.

Good thing if you do apply moisturizer before you apply make up! So if you do , you MUST wait till it gets dry and then grab your foundation .You know why? Because your foundation will just slip off thru out the day , and that means touch ups ALERT .
If you are in a rush thou , just apply moisturizer , grab a tissue put it on your face and then apply foundation.


Mistake 2 : Putting on perfume after  you are dressed.

Yes yes ! And honestly I admit , I have done this mistake before. Why is it a mistake ? Because perfume formulated specially for your skin , not for your clothes , as it interacts with the heat of your body. Apply it on your pulse points and don’t rub it with your wrists, just wait till it dries.Apply perfume on your neck and behind ears as well.



Mistake 3 : Not washing your make-up brushes.

And don’t convince yourself right now that you do ! Cleaning your make-up brushes is extremely important , because it grabs super huge amount of bacteria , and then you apply this bacteria on your face ! Once a week give them all a break , washing it either with baby shampoo or get a professional brush cleanser at any beauty store.



Mistake 4 : Not letting your nails get naked.

Yes literally , naked !! All these nail colors , extensions are extremely bad for our nails if we have it non-stop. I personally have extensions on all the time ( it is just easier for me ) , but every 2-3 months I take it off , and give my nails a break. If you do not do that as well , your nails will get discolored and extremely weak.


Mistake 5 : Plucking your eyebrows extremely close to the mirror.

Oh no , you did that just yesterday night? The big problem about it , is that you r missing the big picture , the shape ! I know , it is much easier to hug the mirror and tweezing every single hair that aren’t in the right place! Instead , stand in front of sunlight get a mirror and tweeze your eyebrows ! Much easier and you can see your shape clearer!!


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Hollywood diets that actually work?!

Celebrities use craziest diets for their upcoming tours or movies and so on . I have made my personal research as from next week I’d be sitting on a diet and at the end of the post I’ll share with you which one will I be using !

When Beyonce was casted for “DreamGirls” movie , she has used a juice diet , especially lemon juice . The diet requires to have 5-6 juices per day ! Of course fresh ones , and not from the box :)



Gwyneth Paltrow goes crazier , and usually goes for 21 day detox diet , that allows having only one meal per day! A bit crazy , but looking at her body at this age , seems like its working !




Jennifer Aniston does something , that none of us would think will help our body! Star of “Friends” , has a diet of 2 weeks , where she eats only baby food ! Makes sense , since all ingredients are pretty organic and no color is added.



Lady GAGA uses a soup diet especially when she is on tours ! Diet requires having 2-3 soups per day !



So many ridicolous  diets are out there ! But keep in mind that most importantly , is your health ! Any diet needs to still give you what your body needs , which are vitamins and different important ingredients ! Second thing that you should keep in mind , being on a diet doesn’t mean you will get muscles and ton your body , that would happen if you EXERCISE !
At the end , as promised I’m sharing with you which diet will I be on from next week is the SOUP diet, once I’m done I’ll be sharing with you all the negative and positive things about this diet <3

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TOP 4 secrets for your face care !!


I decided to share with you some tricky advices for your skin care, either you wanna do facial at home or put a mask on!


If you have a really dry face skin before applying a face mask , try on using an olive oil on your face and on top of it put a small towel with hot water , keep it for 2 – 3 minutes , after you can apply a face mask. This trick would help your skin to get more softer and open up your pores.

TIP 2.

Remember that these are the wrong  parts of a face where I’m sure ,you apply your mask :   Upper Lip , Right under your eyes .

TIP 3.

Have any pimples that came out? What you can easily do right now : Make a cucumber juice , put it in a glass , add to it one tea spoon of honey . Apply it , right after you washed your face. 30-40 minutes later wash your face with hot water.

TIP 4.

DO remember that water is your parachute to keep your face skin look young and healthy . Every morning before you eat or drink anything , drink a glass of water with a lemon , and every day try to finish a big bottle of water!

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Inside my make-up Bag!

I’ve received few requests from my readers to share my make-up bag , and products I take with me most of the times.

So here’s a peak inside my make-up bag! MUST HAVES for me on a daily base!

At the moment , I’m using INGLOT Foundation & powder. Benefit “Fine one one” , L’occitaine hand cream , Arabic Oud ( perfume & oil ) , smash box brow kit , Fine one one By Benefit for my cheeks and lips ( how awesome is that to use one thing for your lips and cheeks , love this product !!!

I clean my make-up bag everyday , and especially if I’m holding any brushes! Living in Dubai means that its a must to always have a hand cream with you , because its usually hot and your hands get really dry. As well Fine One one by Benefit is an amazing product to use especially in summer , its not heavy and as I mentioned you can use it for lips and cheeks. <3

Hope you enjoyed a peak inside my make-up bag! <3

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