Friday night-out Ready!!

So recently I’ve posted a picture on Instagram and after that I got a lot of requests about details of my make-up , so I decided to re-create it and share with you products of what do I use.
I find this look extremely chich and boho , and pretty easy to do , just make sure dark lipstick suits you so you don’t end up looking like a vampire or Lorde.


The products that I’ve used for this make-up look : NAKED 1 Palette , Brow Envy by Too Faced , Push-up Eyeliner by Benefit , and Huda Beauty Eyelashes in Giselle , YSL Baby Doll lip gloss.


So at first you do all know that most important thing before all is applying your daily moisturizer ,foundation and powder.
I applied the lightest shadow from NKD palette to create a soft look on my eye and then an eyeliner. If you don’t want to go to heavy , you can easily just do it with no eyeliner but don’t forget to put an eyelashes , it changes the whole look right away.

As well recently I’ve started using Brow Envy by Too Faced and I’m seriously loving it , but I’ll be doing a review on it really soon. 

As for the lip gloss , I’ve been getting addicted to these YSL Baby Doll lip glosses from SS collection . It gives a great matte look , amazing texture but keep in mind after any meal , don’t forget to check the mirror to do some fixing , as it is not long-lasting.

Don’t be afraid of going a bit dark , just keep it simple with your outfit and nothing too flashy . 
I find this look very easy to do and it looks amazing if you do it right :) Stay tuned for new looks.


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‘Fashion Scoop’ once a week!

Hello everyone ,

After a long vacation in Europe , I’m finally getting back to work tomorrow , so I wanted to share with you exciting project that I decided to add to the blog which is “Fashion Scoop” , because apart from beauty things , I get asked a lot about my style and clothes I wear and e.t.c , especially on my Instagram. So I decided to add a category about ‘Fashion’ , and write a post about all things fashion&style on the blog , as well I’ll be sharing my outfit pictures and some tips on styling and more .

Hope you will enjoy it , while that watch out for this week for my new posts , I’ll be doing some serious reviews on brands like LUSH , Ponds and more.



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Supermarket Face Masks ! Do they Actually work?

We see them whenever we enter any supermarket , starting from Carefour to the small supermarket next to your building.
As a Beauty Blogger , time to time I must try new products to share with you on what I think . I’ve been using these masks for quiet a bit , I tried starting from the pilling mask to moisturizing .
I bet a lot of you tried it , because first of all its everywhere whenever you do grocery shopping , so you stop for a second and think “Let me pamper myself tonight , before I sit down on the sofa and watch a movie” , and it’s extremely affordable.

So this whole time , Im talking about face masks of Montagne Jeunesse !


Personally speaking , I was impressed only by few of them , I wouldn’t say that they do an amazing effect but it’s okay to use it time to time , especially Sauna Masque and Chocolate Masque that’s the two most masques that has been showing some kind of effect.
Please keep in mind , that aside from that I suggest that you will be having a professional cosmetic line for daily day/night creams or masques.
But as mentioned this one would be great for day to day scoop!


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Eyeliner of The Month!

Hello darlings!
It has been a long time ! But since Holy Month in United Arab Emirates and all over the world for all Muslims which is Ramadan , I have been taking time to improve the system of the blog , due to high-trafficking.

Getting back to about what I want to share with you is awesome eyeliner that I have discovered . New PUSH-UP Eyeliner from BENEFIT!


Great thing about this eyeliner that makes it extremely easy to apply and create any line that you want , is the soft custom angle tip. Texture of the eyeliner is soft and matte.
It’s perfect for day-time because it’s very easy to create an easy thin line and also something extravagant for night-time.  I’ve been using for the past 2 months , it stays for a pretty long time and really comfortable for a person like me , that runs around the whole day and has no time for touch-ups.

Here’s the mat look I created for day-time look using the PUSH-Up Eyeliner :


P.S it would give a much better effect if you are using it together with Benefit Mascara “They’re real”
benefit-theyre-real-beyond-mascara-[1] (2)

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Review : DOVE Body Lotions.

Hello pretty ones.

I have been craving to finally share with you these amazing body lotions that I have been using lately. I’m a body lotion addict , that is for sure ! I’ve tried many different lotions and oils , but these ones left one of the best effect on me.


First of all , I like that they are pretty big in size and pricing is amazing.
There are a big choice of different smells that you can choose , personally my fav ones are shea butter with vanilla and almond with hibiscus.
Texture of lotions is perfect, it’s not sticky and the smell actually stays quiet long if you use it right after the shower.


You can definitely rely on this lotion , after one tiring day or after tanning session , it gives the skin that care that inquiries , and plus a super glamorous glow.
All in all , these lotions are totally my summer favorites.


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On the feet adventure with N-Bar!

On Monday morning before even having my coffee , I was rushed to get ready for my appointment with one of the first nail stations in Dubai – N-BAR  in Emirates Towers branch.

Reaching there , I was warmly welcomed and sat on of these comfortable white sofa-chairs.  My treatment was ” Soothe and Smooth Treatment ” for my feet that really needed this treatment :D . While I was starting to get pampered , I was starting my morning with glass of water and tea that was brought by gorgeous host .

Treatment of “Soothe and Smooth” is almost like scrub and massage all together , it’s perfect for ladies that wear heels too much and just for the one that walk a lot , as it removes dark spots and moisturizers your skin!

I was so relaxed with procedure and atmosphere that I almost fell asleep , when I was just about to be done ! N-Bar offers a lot of different procedures like nail extensions , gelish polish , massage & wax . With their various branches in main spots , it’s too hard to pass by it ! :D

I suggest all my ladies to try on their different procedures , ladies there are extremely friendly and talkative .
Here’s the number of the Emirates Towers Branch : +9714 330 1001
Grosvenor House Branch : +9714 399 9009

And happy ME after all amazing Pampering <3

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The RIGHT way to TAN !

Hello beauties , summer is here! And what else to do in this season than getting a gorgeous bronze tan on? 
But there are always specific precautions that ladies must take , especially in Dubai with the sun that is an exact synonym to microwave !


First I’ll tell you about how to get a perfect straight tan on from the front and back without going to tanning centre. Turn every 20 minutes ! Yes , lay on your back and then turn to your stomach , do that every 20-25 minutes , and I promise you , at the end you won’t look like a Zebra !

Perfect timing to tan is from 9 a.m to 12 p.m , yes unfortunately ! So get on your early bird mood on , if you wanna have a safe tanning session , after 12 p.m sun is extremely dangerous , and your chances to get burnt is much higher!!

You tan faster in the water , yes you do ! So you can have a double pleasure by swimming and getting your tan on, rather than sitting and being bored on one place!

Moisturize your skin after the tan , this is one of the biggest MUSTS if you wanna have a soft and smooth skin and perfect tan ! Your skin gets extremely tired after the sun light , so by moisturizing it you are giving it a break ! ( I personally use Sephora After sun Moisturizer and its AMAAAZING ) 



DON’T SUNBATH YOUR FACE ! This might be one of the most important rules , because your face is 10 times softer than your body skin , so you might make your skin get older in case you are gonna sun bath it , don’t worry about having problems of contrast with your face and body , that is why god created FOUNDATION and SHIMMER !


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