Beauty tips of Hottest Celebrities!

We all want to know how celebrities keep up with their health , body& Skin . So here I found some celebrities sharing their easiest tips .

SHOWBIZ Insider 1” I love using shimmery bronzer , on my lazy days I just mix it up with some moisturizer ”  -Eva Mendes.

sarah-jessica-parker-amfar-new-york-gala-2013-08 ” When my perfume is almost finished , I unscrew it and put what’s left on any dress or T-shirt” Sarah Jessica Parker

tumblr_mi6oxtVdGd1rmee65o1_500 “Woman is the most beautiful when she smiles, other than that skin moisturizer for me is so important ” Beyonce

johansson1m1511 ” Mostly I start up with a matt base and then add up some shimmer ” Scarlett Johansson

1607-freida-pinto-arbore-des-sourcils-592x0-2 “I like using petroleum jelly on my lids , it gives an angelic look ” Freida Printo


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