Right before I traveled to my vacation , I had a great pleasure of shooting with Khaleej Times Magazine called WKND.
The main shoot was all about my closet . So I want to share with you some pictures behind the scenes and Make-up Look I chose for it.

I went for Bold lips and peachy eyes , because usually in the magazines shoots your eyes make-up won’t show much , and as well since I’m a huge fan of bright lipsticks , I thought this make-up would be perfect!

One of my favorite parts of the shoot , is that they have asked me to choose my favorite gowns so they can shoot it. I choose my most favorite jalabiyas from my label EL-J and some gowns that I have worn on  special occasions .

Final interview came out yesterday  ! And I totally loved it ! ❤ you can grab at any stores near to you ( In Dubai only ) , and check out the rest treasures of my closet.

For all my followers that aren’t in Dubai , you can as well read the interview online !
Here’s the link : http://www.khaleejtimes.com/wknd/wknd_article.asp?xfile=/data/wkndfashion/2014/April/wkndfashion_April2.xml&section=wkndfashion


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