TOP 4 secrets for your face care !!


I decided to share with you some tricky advices for your skin care, either you wanna do facial at home or put a mask on!


If you have a really dry face skin before applying a face mask , try on using an olive oil on your face and on top of it put a small towel with hot water , keep it for 2 – 3 minutes , after you can apply a face mask. This trick would help your skin to get more softer and open up your pores.

TIP 2.

Remember that these are the wrong  parts of a face where I’m sure ,you apply your mask :   Upper Lip , Right under your eyes .

TIP 3.

Have any pimples that came out? What you can easily do right now : Make a cucumber juice , put it in a glass , add to it one tea spoon of honey . Apply it , right after you washed your face. 30-40 minutes later wash your face with hot water.

TIP 4.

DO remember that water is your parachute to keep your face skin look young and healthy . Every morning before you eat or drink anything , drink a glass of water with a lemon , and every day try to finish a big bottle of water!


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