We see them whenever we enter any supermarket , starting from Carefour to the small supermarket next to your building.
As a Beauty Blogger , time to time I must try new products to share with you on what I think . I’ve been using these masks for quiet a bit , I tried starting from the pilling mask to moisturizing .
I bet a lot of you tried it , because first of all its everywhere whenever you do grocery shopping , so you stop for a second and think “Let me pamper myself tonight , before I sit down on the sofa and watch a movie” , and it’s extremely affordable.

So this whole time , Im talking about face masks of Montagne Jeunesse !


Personally speaking , I was impressed only by few of them , I wouldn’t say that they do an amazing effect but it’s okay to use it time to time , especially Sauna Masque and Chocolate Masque that’s the two most masques that has been showing some kind of effect.
Please keep in mind , that aside from that I suggest that you will be having a professional cosmetic line for daily day/night creams or masques.
But as mentioned this one would be great for day to day scoop!



One thought on “Supermarket Face Masks ! Do they Actually work?

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