HOW TO Get Rid of Rashes and Allergy Spots at HOME!

Today is my sad day , because as the night time got closer , my whole neck and half of a face turned into red itchy spots , that came up due to my allergy , to what I still didn’t find out!!
So , I actually decided to share with you real lifestyle tips on how to quickly get rid of rash or itchy spots at home .

1.  Banana Peel

If you gently rub it on your spots , you will notice that the spots will get softer and redness to it will disappear a bit , so at least it’s a fast tip how to get your skin quiet for a night .

2. Olive Oil

One of the oldest methods that most probably our grandmothers use , is to put a small amount of olive oil on itchy spots , it will help you to eliminate them faster as it opens up your pores and cleans the problem from inside!
RIGHT WAY TO USE IT : Wash your face with clean warm water and then gently rub it on your spots and leave it for an hour , wash it off with warm water as well!

3.  ICE

Most probably one of the easiest and common thing that you will find is ice ! Put it in a towel and press on your spots for 10-20 minutes.

4. Honey & Oat Masque

Mix a spoon of honey with a bit amount of clean oat , and put it on your face for around 30 minutes , this will remove itchiness and redness of your spots. Add up a small glass of milk for a better effect!


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