Rainy Days : Pamper Yourself’ Tips

Hi darlings.
Sorry for being MIA , due to showcasing my brand on market OTB , I don’t have enough time to post at all .

But with this weather happening in UAE , which is extremely surprising (rain, thunder , hail ) , I wanted to post some easy tips how to pamper yourself on a cosy night in.

1.  Take care of your Hair.

Rainy days get your hair extremely frizzy , so use a nice hair mask or oil . My favourite ones are SYOSS Hair Masks and AMLA OIL. Keep it for 40-45 minutes , and then wash it out , make sure to wash your hair 2-3 times with shampoo ,so no oil stays on your hair !


2. BATH Time.

I guess this kind of weather is the most time , where a nice bath would be a big benefit! Get all your favourite bubbles or salts , and keep water warm not HOT . If your bath is big enough , catch a laptop and watch your favorite TV-show.


3.  Get a Mini Pedi&Mani .

Hands & Feet is one the most thing that gets dry while cold weather . So get all your creams for it out and make sure to use it , something for softening and moisturising . A small nail set will help you to clean out cuticles and get your nails back in shape !


4. Deep Face Care Procedure.

Obviously , Face is the first thing you should take care off while the weather is cold. For a rainy day in , here’s your procedure to make sure your face is in shape : Wash your Face , Scrub your face for 2 minutes , Put a mask for 15 minutes , Moustrize your face. Do not be lazy when it comes to your face. Trust me this works, I personally always make sure to make time to follow these steps even when it’s not cold .


Don’t be grumpy ! Have fun on a day in , after all of these procedures , get down to your favourite sofa and watch a movie ❤


One thought on “Rainy Days : Pamper Yourself’ Tips

  1. Having to use water prof skin care product might be great for a change for me, Would this really work during rainy days, I love the great outdoors but sometimes rain washes away my Solvaderm which make my skin dry ugh!

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