Primers that finally actually work??!

Base before your make up is most probably one of the most important details for a good make up !

People wonder so much that all beauty bloggers and make up artists photoshop their pictures so much , well I have to dissapoint whoever thinks like that ! Actually , they just know the proper way to apply base , find the right foundation !!

For the past few days , I’ve been using these amazing primers and I’m absolutely impressed by the texture and how much it makes a difference when you use it !

As many of you know , I love Make Up For Ever brand . So when I had an opportunity to try out their new STEP 1 Primers , I was super excited !

The texture is perfect in a way that you wouldn’t be needing to apply a thick layer . You can just apply it on your T-Zones or a thin layer all over your face.

These two , worked perfectly for me!!

1. Smoothing Primer

2. Hydrating Primer

You can find it in all the Sephora stores.

Here’s some of my make-up looks where I used the primers on me !!


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