REVIEW : CRYO Health !!

Living in a very hot climate makes your skin dry and not very healthy , so I personally try to find ways to refresh my face and body,which i suggest to you all as well. This time I tried the place called CRYO Health for my new adventure .


I’ve tried many different cosmetic therapies like from face massage to pilling (once every 6-8 month ) . CRYO Health has something new , it’s a place where they put in a cold , no like literally they FREEZE you!! But nothing to worry , it something that helps you against open pore, aging , acne and plus loosing weight . They have many different procedures , but I tried face procedure which lasts for 10 minutes .

So what they did is : they put my face under the steam of -140 degrees , the procedure is not painful maybe a bit uncomfortable after 6 minutes cuz you feel like your whole face is frozen but nothing that leaves you in pain. Being under -140 degrees makes your pores close up and dries up your acne if you have it , it’s some kind of face lift procedure but in a much much healthier way!


RESULT : I really loved the procedure , you can see and feel a result right a way ( not a major one , as nothing works from one procedure ) , but I felt like my face is totally refreshed and clean in some kind of way . The consultant advised me to come to 4 procedures to notice a real difference NOTICE : you can even do this procedure wearing a full make up ,  HOW COOL IS THAT?


You can also have a procedure for your body ,where they put you in a tube for 3 minutes and leave you in -170 and everytime you loose about 600-800 calories ( who needs GYM ? )

Bothways, I was very happy to find out about this place , and I suggest my gorgeous ladies from Dubai , to definitely give it a try , because your body & face needs care in this heat & humid.


 Dubai Ladies Club BRANCH : Jumeirah 2, Before Jumeirah Beach park,Jumeirah Road,opp emirates hospitals

Opening Hours: 10am – 7pm All Week

+971 4 351 8300
+971 56 7240608

The Boulevard
Jumeirah Emirates Towers BRANCH
Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm All Week


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