So my favourite holiday’s is just around the corner!! I love New Years and Christmas , even thou I’m muslim , I love the whole holiday spirit . I always feel very cozy and super nice in winter .

I’m sure all of you already think about your looks for New Year Eve , so I gathered two of make-up looks that I did recently , that will be suitable for the evening and will match any of your plans ( dinner , clubbing and e.t.c )

Also , I’ll be sharing with you some tricks for your makeup to stay longer and won’t annoy along the night.

Look #1 .


Personally , this would be my go-to look for New Year Eve , it will suit perfectly  blonde,brunette and all type of eye color. It’s more of matte look ,and will go along if you are wearing neutral colors like (black,grey,white) but if you are going for something shimmer and glitter all over , then just skip it , as if you don’t you will perfectly match your tree at home .

One tip : remember to always apply primer separately for face and also a primer for eyes , so you won’t get your eyeshadow screwed up or your foundation slipping down from partying too much!

One trick : Apply your eyeshadows first , and then do your face routine , so whatever eyeshadows you will have falling , will be easily removed after!


Look #2


Actually in this look , there’s a white glitter but it doesn’t show very properly , so this look is super cool and more neutral but at the same time dramatic with eyeliner ! It can match most of your outfits , and you can play around with color of lipstick , I went more neutral with lips as I wanted more attention to be payed to my eye look.

One tip : If you aren’t that good with eyeliner , apply masking tape right around the corner of your eye , so you will get a perfect wing .

One trick : Choose mink lashes to apply for any big night ( new years eve , wedding ) , because they are much better quality and they stay longer , so you won;t get to be worried if they fall off!


I hope you enjoyed the post and look out for my Youtube channel coming out right before New Year!!
Much Love x



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