Hi Guys.

I’ve been extremely MIA from the blog , but I’m back and going to make many changes and open up new sections for the blog which I’m so excited about ! I’ve been getting extremely busy these months and didn’t get any time to properly blog and shoot for the blog + my Youtube channel also takes a lot of my time!

But everything is finally properly settled , so now I’ll be in here full on!

I wanted to update you on so many cool things that happened , and one of them is the launch of my own MAKE UP Brushes ‘GLAMJAM’ ! YAAY! I have just launched it about a month ago with a small collection that got fully SOLD OUT in a week ! How cool is that? The whole concept of my make brushes line is that every collection we are going to come up with different colors , my first time collection was WHITE and in about a week I’m launching new colors which are much more exciting !!


Another cool thing is my Youtube channel is strongly kicking off and I couldn’t be happier. I truly enjoy making these videos and teach and entartain my followers at the same time !! If you still didn’t get a chance to look at my tutorials , here’s the link :

Last but not least thou , is my latest hair transformations that I’ve been going thru. (haha) First I colored my hair goldish blonde , then just recently I went fully white , and now I’m grey , like literally!


So that is all with my recent updates , and I’m super excited to get back to proper blogging , I’ll be sharing much more Lifestyle things and Reviews so stay tuned x


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