Hi loves,

Today let’s talk about something serious.Let’s start with that, Color Correcting isn’t a new trend, it has been there for years but its booming again.
Forget about all these crazy clown videos on Instagram and realize that you don’t to own all the colors in the rainbow in your make up bag.

Figure out what exactly you want correct while doing your makeup and then apply the right color. Today I’ll help you figuring out which shade is for what.

Let’s begin :


The right way to apply Orange corrector is mostly if you have strong dark eye circles , apply just a bit right before your foundation , and you will notice the difference .


Try out Makeup Forever Palette that also has a concealer and contour shade





Green corrector is there to use it for any pimples that you have or strong redness around your mouth , chin or cheeks. Make sure that you apply not too much , and you will notice that the redness will be blemished.


Try out L.A Girl Green Corrector :




Purple shades are there to help , if you have any uneven yellowish shades on your face and if you have a lot dullness , you will directly notice that after applying light purple shade , your face will look more even.


Try out Smashbox Photo Finish purple corrector:



REMEMBER: if you have none of these problems ( first of all , you are freaking lucky) , then you don’t need color correcting in any kind of way. It looks fun to play with , but if you do it wrong you may actually expose your minuses . This was just a basic and short post for you guys to understand all about color correcting.






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