I think many of you know Vaseline!
I haven’t been paying much attention to it before , so recently I did some research on it as I opened my drawer and randomly found a little bottle of it and wanted to actually check what it can do.

As I started going through Internet and going back to my grandmother’s tips , I found out that there are many effective ways – we can use it.

1.Make perfume last longer

This is actually a very cool trick , apply a bit of Vaseline on your pulse and neck – and then apply perfume , you will instantly notice within few hours , that your perfume is still on!


2.Create Lip Scrub/Moustirizer 

All what you need is a little table spoon of Sugar and then mixed it up with Vaseline , apply it on your lips and keep it on for 4-5 minutes , it helps amazingly especially if you apply loads of Liquid Matte Lipsticks as their formula makes your lips extremely dry.


3. Turn any loose pigment into gel eyeshadow

It is also a great thing to mix up with your loose shimmer and glitter , it will turn into intense gel eyeshadow , it might give a little bit of a sticky feeling on eyelid – but you can apply loose powder before apply this gel eyeshadow!


In general , there are separate opinions about Vaseline – some people like it , some not . I’m not a frequent user of it , but some hacks will definitely be useful!

Try it out and let me know what you think.


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