I can officially  announce that I’m a food addict ! With that news , whenever there’s a new spot that opens up in Dubai – I need to go and check it out.

This week – I’ve tried new hot spot in Dubai , which is ‘The Artisan’ – an Italian classy yet cozy restaurant .
I sat by the window and just for a second appreciated my view  infront of me which were Tall DIFC Buildings ,that make you dream BIG, but a strong Italian accent got me back to reality ( yes most of their staff and chef are Italians ).

I started my lunch with tomato salad and small tomatoes and burrata cheese on the other plate – and I always say if appetisers and salads at the restaurant are good , then main courses should be fantastic and usually it ends up right! So I fell in love with how I was starting my meal and I got excited for my main course.



For the main course – I had two beautiful plates laying infront of me which was Risotto with mushrooms and ravioli stuffed with pumpkin and on the side some healthy grilled vegetables. I wasn’t a big fan of risotto , but in case you are a creamy meal person then you will love it . The ravioli on other side was a fantastic firework to my mouth and tummy!!



Over all , I’d definitely give a place 9/10 , the location is fantastic which is in Burj Daman Tower DIFC . Atmosphere wants me to have all my friendly and work meetings in there everyday! The service was perfect as well , so it is definitely one place , that I’d suggest visiting on your lunch break! Another reason to visit it is just because it was opened by an extremely famous Italian chef from Florence Enoteca Pinchiorri .


My secret tip would be is to look carefully into their Cocktails menu as it has an amazing options!!



LOCATION : DIFC , Burj Daman Tower , 1st floor
INSTAGRAM : @theartisandubai
CONTACT :  04 338 8133


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