Hey guys,

Not long ago I had an amazing trip with Bottega Verde skincare brand to Italy for few magical days. First stop was my favourite Rome , visiting their huge store and discovering some products and new collections .


After that , we had a drive of few hours to a stunning quiet village Tuscany ending our night with a cozy dinner with the team of Bottega Verde and other editors and bloggers from Dubai.

The next day , we drove to the Palazzo Massaini where Bottega verde produces their tasty wine and have fun meetings for the skincare brand . palazzo-massaini

While spending half a day in this stunning Palace , we spent our time quiet interesting by hearing some more details about the brand , consulting with the main cosmetologist of Bottega Verde to understand our skin type and creating face cream just for us!! YES , now I know how face creams are made!!



After that , I finally visited wine yards for the first time  and they are also owned by Bottega Verde , and the fun was in cutting some grapes and understanding how wine is produced!


Day 3 we had a ‘mini-travel’ to Florence , which was another new destination for me to discover in Italy . The day was full of some history about Florence , Gucci Museum and of course SHOPPING ( my favourite part )

And the best part it was actually my BIRTHDAY! YAY!


Over all it was a great experience exploring and understanding how beauty brands work and the team was super friendly and so helpful ! I love Italians for a reason !!

Here’s a link of a short video that shows our amazing trip even more : https://www.facebook.com/BottegaVerdeGCC/videos/

Watch out for my Vlog from the trip coming at the end of the week on my youtube channel : http://www.youtube.com/eljammi

You can find Bottega Verde stores in Dubai in : Deira City Centre and Golden Mile Galleria Mall Palm Jumeirah .
Instagram : @bottegaverdegcc




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